On the Street.....Greys & Blues, New York

Problem solved!

Perfect Lenght For A Dark Blue Denim Jeans , imho

I can understand black jeans being longer and with more crumpled break but I like my dark blue denim to be hemmed more like my pants. These jeans also , to my eye, have just the right amount of taper to the leg, they are slim and not skin tight.

Wandering The Alleys of Florence: Cobbler's Custom Shoe Shop

Interior of Small Woodworking Shop, Florence

Top 31 Fashion Casual and Sport Footwear brand in the market

While there are plenty of fashion casual and sport footwear in the market, some of them might not be in your list. So I've gathered together a list of what I believe are the top fashion casual footwear brand on the internet. Tell me if I've missed out any of the brand you think fit into this category.

On the Street.....Colors of Fall, New York

Pitti Prep - The Photos I Have Pulled From The Archive

I love the idea of casual tennis shoes with a silk scarf at the neck

Refined Suede boots

The shot that made me want white jeans for Winter

Print Scarf with a jacket

Live up to your personal style

Current retro men’s styles include men’s logo T-shirts, patterned men’s button-down shirts and motorcycle-style men’s jackets. Who knew that the men’s styles that you loved in the past would once again become fashionable? A great collection of the latest fashion clothing for men can be found at various websites with simple search.

Man Fashion is not just about what you wear however, but how you wear it as well. You could take the exact same male clothing and put it on two different men and it could look completely different. No matter what type of men’s fashion clothing it is, the fashions will look better on a man that is in shape than a man that it is out of shape.

Taking care of your body is simply a matter of making a few minor changes to your lifestyle such as diet and exercise. Working out a few hours at the gym every week won’t kill you and you will definitely see a difference in your body. You’ll feel better about your body, be more confident and, therefore, look better in whatever men’s fashions you choose to wear.

When developing your own personal men’s style the most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself. Just because a men’s fashion trend looked great on your favorite actor doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for you. If you’re uncomfortable in it, chances are it isn’t the style for you.

So be your own style from today onward.

Sisters of a Style, NYC

The only thing better than shooting a person "one year later" is shooting sisters six months apart.

Of course I have to get them together for a shot soon.

Pitti Prep - Short Suede Jacket

I know it is not "fashionable" to look back to last year for ideas but right now I am preparing my wardrobe for Pitti Uomo in January and the first place I go is my archives.

These suede jackets all over Italy. I love the depth of color and lightweight nature.

I bought one in navy at Doriani. The weight is perfect and when you add a knit underneath it works for me even into the 30's.

I just had an idea as I typed that. I am going to try and do a few self-portraits with clothes I have bought and the images that inspired the purchase.

I'm not promising but i will try.

if i am not smiling it is becasue I had just realized what I had gotten myself into - crap! my fingers are typing checks my lens can't cash!

12 Man Fashion Designers from Europe

After the fashion designers from New York, here are the famous European man fashion designers which have launched their Spring 2008 collection.

1. Bottega Veneta - is the leader in luxury fashion best known for its signature leather goods, including handbags, luggage and leather wallets.
2. Dolce & Gabbana - A luxury brand of unapproachable desirability distinguished for its high sartorial content and original styling of the apparel.
3. Dsquared - Make popular by rough-and-ready casual wear of their own style.
4. Etro - The mEtro ruler of thought combines action and contemplation, work and leisure.
5. Fendi - With the theme of less is more for Spring 2008, Milan
6. Gucci - The brand speak for itself
7. Jil Sander - the style with
understated and sleek designs, luxurious fabrics and her perfume line
8. Paul Simth - His moto: "I give classics just a little kick"
9. Prada - Don't require any introduction
10. Raf Simons - His recent message for Spring 2008 "
Forget MySpace, and find your space in the material world"
11. Veronique Branquinho - A native of Belgium with her own style.
12. Stephan Schneider - style with an edgy and urbane

On the Street.....Rainy Day, New York

On the Street.....The Elegant Biker, Paris

I love the umbrella over the handle bars

Vintage Monday....The Antique DJ, Chelsea

I asked this young gentleman , Michael Haar, what movies he watches for inspiration.

"The Marxs Brothers" he says.

I'm off to B&N to buy a new DVD box set

Vintage Monday....Pale Blue Coat, Soho

I love that the trim was all navy and not black.

The Awful Truth - Cary Grant's Most Stylish Movie (even though he doesn't wear the best "look" in the movie)

The other day I really watched "The Awful Truth" for the first time. I have seen it before but I was always distracted by something either in the movie itself (the clothes) or in the house (kids).

"The Awful Truth" has to be Cary Grant at his very best. In this movie Cary is soo funny, so physical, so charming and so stylish. When you watch the whole movie and everything that leads up to that famous scene when he falls backward off his chair, well, it is genius and ,to me, the very essence of the Grant persona.

Surprisingly, even though this is Grant's most stylish feature (just beating "To Catch A Thief") the actual best look of the movie goes to the topcoat and tux Ralph Bellamy is wearing in his introductory scene (below).

Bellamy's topcoat is killer - I love the bit of white shirt cuff showing at the sleeve.
This is not because his arm is bent because it also hangs that way when his arm is straight.

When was the last time you saw some shirt cuff under a coat sleeve?
I see it rarely if at all.

Also notice the white pocket square in Bellamy's coat and compare it to Grant ,below, in a similar look from the same movie.
The pocket square and slimmer fitting coat gives Bellamy's look even more refinement than Grant's. (in this case I do think you see cuff on Grant because his arm is bent)
In comparison I think Grant's coat looks a bit boxy and drab.

I do love that they are both wearing a white scarf. Do you think it was cashmere or silk?
I also think it is a toss up on the hair. The strong side-part is making a major comeback (and it is not due to that Mad Men series)

Bellamy also played a similar character in another extremely stylish Astaire movie called "Carefree"
I never realized that one of the old guys from Trading Places was such a fashion plate in his day.

Watch Resources: 205 World Famous Brands

Watch, is always the most prestige piece of accessory for men, as well as women.
A design of watch can range from very fun/fashionable to classic and prestige. As time go by, there are getting more and more models, designs for different occasion, activities and even different purposes to suit different taste of people. Choosing a watch that suits might be a difficult and headache task for some if not everyone here. I have shortlisted here 205 world famous brands, design range from fun, fashionable, classic, sport, prestige and many more for your choice. Feel free to drop me a note if you find this information useful. If I have missed out any of the brands that you think I should include. Please drop me a note.

Watch Resources: 205 World Famous Brands
1. Aerowatch
2. Alpina - Geneve
3. Angular Momentum
4. Anonimo Firenze
5. Antoine Preziuso
6. Aquanautic
7. Archimede
8. Armand Nicolet
9. Armin Strom
10. Arnold and Son
11. Alain Siberstein
12. Atlantic
13. Audemars Piguet
14. Auguste Reymond
15. Azimuth
16. Ball
17. Balmain
18. Pierre Balmain
19. Baume & Mercier
20. Bedat & Co
21. Bell & Ross
22. Berney - Blondeau
23. Bertolucci
24. Beuchat
25. Blancier
26. Blancpain
27. Blu
28. Jacques Boegli
29. Bombardier
30. Bovet 1822
31. Brequet
32. Breitling
33. BRM
34. Buler
35. Bvlgari
36. Bulova
37. Bunz
38. Carl F. Bucherer
39. Cartier
40. Century
41. Chanel
42. Charriol
43. Certina
44. Chopard
45. Chronographe Suisse
46. Chronoswiss
47. Christophe Claret
48. Clerc
49. Concord
50. Corum
51. Cuervo y Sobrinos
52. Cyclos
53. Cvstos
54. Daniel Jean Richard
55. Daniel Mink
56. Daniel Roth
57. De Bethune
58. de Grisogono
59. deLaCour
60. Delance
61. Delaneau
62. DeWitt
63. Dodane 1857
64. Doxa
65. Dubey & Schaldenbrand
66. Dubois & Fils
67. Dunhill
68. Ebel
69. Eberhard
70. Emile Pequignet
71. Epos
72. Eterna
73. 121 Time
74. Favre-Leuba
75. Formex
76. Fortis
77. F.P. Journe
78. Franck Muller
79. Franc Vila
80. Frederique Constant
81. Gerald Charles
82. Gevril
83. Gerald Genta
84. Girard-Perregaux
85. Giashuette
86. Glycine
87. Golay Spierer
88. Goldpfeil
89. Graham
90. Grenacher
91. Greubel Forsey
92. Grovana
93. Guebelin
94. Guy Ellia
95. Hamilton
96. Hanhart
97. Swiss Military
98. Harry Winston
99. Harwood
100. Hautience
101. HD3 Complication
102. Hebe
103. Horoswiss
104. Hubiot
105. Ikepod
106. Invicta
107. IWC
108. IWI
109. Jacob Jesen
110. Jacques Etoile
111. Jaeger-LeCoultre
112. Japy
113. Jaquet-Droz
114. Jean d'Eve
115. Jean Dunand
116. Jean-Mairet & Gillman
117. Jean Marcel
118. Jean Perret
119. Jovial
120. Juvenia
121. Kees Engelbarts
122. Christiaan van der Klaauw
123. Kronotype
124. Lang & Heyne
125. Leschot
126. Lindburgh-Benson
127. Locman
128. Longines
129. Louis Chevrolet
130. Lerenz
131. Louis Moinet
132. Magellan
133. Marcello C.
134. Mauboussin
135. Maurice Lacroix
136. MB&F
137. Michel Herbelin
138. Michel Jordi
139. Mido
140. Milleret
141. Milus
142. Montblanc
143. Sbarro
144. Movado
145. Nauticfish
146. NHC
147. Nivrel
148. North Eagies
149. Olivier Roux
150. Omega
151. Oris
152. Panerai
153. Parmigiani Fluerier
154. Patek Philippe
155. Paul Picot
156. Pequignet
157. Parrelet
158. Piaget
159. Pierre DeRoche
160. Pierre Kunz
161. Pilo & Co
162. Poljot
163. Porsche Design
164. Rado
165. Rainer Brand
166. Raymond Weil
167. Revue Thommen
168. Reynaud
169. Richard Mille
170. Rodophe
171. Roger Dubuis
172. Rolex
173. Romain Jerome
174. Rotary
175. Roamer
176. Sarcar
177. Scalfaro
178. Seiko
179. Shellman
180. Side Watch
181. Sigma
182. Sothis
183. Speake-Marin
184. Stifani
185. Stowa
186. Svend Andersen
187. Swatch
188. Swatch group
189. Swiss Defender
190. TAG Heuer
191. Technomarine
192. Tissot
193. Titoni
194. Tudor
195. Tutima
196. Ulysse Nardin
197. Universal Geneve
198. Urwerk
199. Vacheron Constantin
200. Van Cleef and Arpels
201. Louis Vuitton
202. Vagard
203. Zenith
204. Zeno
205. Zitura

A Black Leather Jacket (for him and her) That Won't Make You Look Like Fonzie, Milan

On the Street.....A Real Jacket For Women, Milan

I long to see more women on the street wearing real jackets not just those high-hip, shrunken jackets that overflow the racks of Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.

I also long to see more women wearing their jacket sleeves at the right length. This young model has a great sleeve length which would be more obvious if she were wearing a long-sleeve blouse underneath. This is a simple alteration and you don't need to be a model for it to look great.

12 Man Fashion Designers in NY

This is the link to the famous man fashion designers page, some of them are nothing new to you, and some of them are newbie in the fashion, ie. in last 3 years, these group of fashion designers are more focus on American's fashion trends.

1. Adam Kimmel - Style with masculine, simple, luxurious and elegant
2. Duckie Brown - Design philosophy that 'menswear can be exciting, colorful and handsome
John Varvatos - Style with comfortable, casual, modern and elegant with modern ease balancing cut
4. Michael Bastian - Style with
classic American design
5. Obedient Sons - Made popular with the style of slim silver of manhood
6. Patrik Ervell - Style in a sense of the future with classicism in mind
7. Ralph Lauren - The name speak for itself.
8. Tim Hamilton - Style with
sensible, very American line combined with his theme colors and fabrics
9. Trovata - Style in finer fabrics, redefining the silhouette.
10. Tom Ford - The man brought a hard-edged style synonymous with 21st-century glamor to his clothes, and Hollywood sat up and took note.
11. Anna Sui - Her devotion to rock and roll makes her clothes perfect for a rock and roll superstar, and her runway soundtrack is one of the most anticipated each season.
12. Giorgio Armani - collection all about bringing out one's personal style; a vision of a modern cosmopolitan fashion lifestyle

A Less Narrow View

Often I read comments on this blog like "Shouldn't clothing enhance a woman's form and femininity? " or something of that nature.

I think this is a very narrow view of what clothing should/could do for a person.

Clothing only needs to keep you protected from the elements, past that what you do with them is your option.

This young lady is a great example of self-expression and intellectual dressing.

Nothing she is wearing really speaks to WHAT she is physically ( fat or skinny, tall or short, male or female) but her look speaks volumes about WHO she is mentally.

Is this fashion? I don't know but it surely is an extremely evolved version of self-expression.


Man Autumn Winter Fashion Show

Man Autumn Winter Fashion Show

From December GQ - Luca Rubinacci

I have been dying for the Dec. GQ to drop so i could put these shots up on my blog.
I love all of Luca's quirky little details but they never look too overdone.

The Coolest - Carla Sozzani of 10 Corso Como

Ultimate Man Fashion Style

Eminem or Ricky martin, Richard Gere or Leonardo de Caprio, Jude Law or Johnny Depp, every body has his individual style. People round the globe want to follow them and become the prince charming of beautiful ladies. Fashion is not an exclusive forte of ladies any more. Looking good is an art. So more and more people are now concerned about brushing up their skill in this art. Gone are the days when individual actors or singers had their individual style. The present day actors change their style according to the character they play. Nowadays Harry Potter and Pirate of the Caribbean create fashion. Man Fashion Style consists of a lot of things. It is not enough to wear fashionable clothes to look fashionable. The right kind of accessories and the perfect style of the shoe will complement your dressing.

Man Fashion Style consists of everything starting from sporty look to formal-executive look. Men have two options to choose from. They can run after fashion or make fashion run after them. In the case of formal outfits you hardly have any choice. But you are always at liberty to make minor variations in your formal outfit. As in case of suits, stripes are back. Neck-ties in dots and stripes go well with formal out-fits. There are a range of ties with weird prints of skulls and human faces. They are never advisable for an official meeting or interviews.

The style of casual look changes everyday. It is not very easy to be in the right mode of style in your casuals. But the messed-up look is in. So whatever you wear, try to look carefully careless. That is the latest trend. It is high time to take those torn jeans out of your closet. Spray your hair and shuffle it. Wrist bands are the evergreen choice for the party animals. You can coal your eyes if you wish to. The unshaven look will complete the look (again it is optional). The most unusual choice this season for men is skirt. Many people are expected to be irked by the fact. But believe it or not, this is the age of being unusual. Even a few years ago people used to look at men wearing skirts quite awkwardly, but things have changed in a big way. Skirts of different length are ruling the ramps worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Be a little innovative and go for the size that suits you the best.

Fashion changes very frequently. What is in today will be out tomorrow. You have every right to look fashionable, but don’t throw the things out of your closet as and when you find them outdated. Wait for a few years, and see how fashion repeats itself. There is always scope for innovations with the individual pieces you have and you never know when you start being envied by your pals.

I Hate His Vest.....(I say green-eyed with envy)

Vest are the one item that I (and most men) simply cannot buy at retail.

They are always too long on me and cannot (or rarely) be shortened the same way a carefully chosen sportcoat can be shortened an inch.

If you really look at most guys that are wearing a vest often the vest is just too long and bunches up or too short and looks like a flac-jacket.

My first truly bespoke suit I buy will be a vested suit. More than just looking so elegant it makes the whole shirt-meets-pant area look much smoother than without the vest. Like I mentioned in a recent post, this is why I like to wear a cardigan or double-zip sweater under a jacket.

Also I bet if you lined up 5 guys of different sizes and put them all in a CORRECTLY-fitted vest and pants they would all look 5 to 10 pounds thinner.

I think men think of a vest like a modern corset but if they calculated how much more beer they could drink and then just pull in the gut with a vest...well, maybe Corona needs to look into a product extension.

Anyway, Carlo again looks superb and endlessly elegant.

"Sportcoat" or "Sportscoat"....little help?

On the Street.....Forget The Bag For A Second....

I can't stop looking at the dress, tights, flats combo.

I bet she is carrying her "real shoes" in the red bag. This is a pretty chic way to have your heels and still make it around town.

Weather or Not?

Yesterday several people commented that the young lady in the shorts looked sooo cold and underdressed for the weather.

The truth is, it was one of those curious days when it was neither too cool or too warm.

My point yesterday was that there seems to be a sweet spot temperature-wise when a person can pretty much dress anyway they want.

For me, that temperature is 60-65F.

I love that range because people really have to get creative with their look, especially if they will be running around all day with no chance to change or add/drop a layer.
I love seeing a young lady grabbing the last chance to wear her favorite Marni summer dress under her newly purchased favorite Fall knit or ,as I was simply suggesting yesterday, a Fall look that still shows some leg.

For me, it might be shorts with a cashmere cardigan.

I usually disagree with people that say "if it is cold enough for a ____ then it is too cold for a ______"

All the images below were taken at the Miu Miu show.
In the top image I see a women in a fur and in the background a women wearing very open sandals. In other images i see some people wearing coats and some are wearing tee shirts.

So what is that "anything goes" temperature for you?
and do you have a favorite combo that you like to break out when it hits the sweet spot?

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