On The Street.........Gianpaolo of Al Bazar, Milan

One of my favorite guys in Milano.

This is an excellent example of how to wear brown and grey.

Both Gianpaolo and Lino always make a jacket seem young.

On The Street.........Giovanna, Milan

On The Street.........Comme?, Yohji?, Milan

On The Street.........Striped, Milan

While I Play Catch-up From The Rain...

...here are photos from my first full-on editorial shoot. You might remember back in June I wrote about this British Elle shoot while i was doing it and here are the results.
I'm really happy with the results and that it still looks very much like my work.

Anyway, thanks again for all the beautiful comments about the two year anniversary!

ok, now less typing and more shooting

Rain and Rain and More Rain in Milan

So I wanted to have more shots tonight but this rain is completely mental!! (sorry, I have have been watching too much Extras on DVD )
anyway weather is better tomorrow and i should have more to post (stupid rain)

btw, it is The Sartorialist two year anniversary today!

I can't articulate (I am rarely articulate) how much the community here has meant to me and this blog ,so again, thanks!

On The Street.........Two Cool For School, Milan

running to Fendi

I will post some more shots around 4 pm New York time

Men fashion accessories: Perfumes

So far, there are so many posts in term of fashion accessories such as earrings, tie, belts, fashion bags etc. Today, we will touch on the sexiest item in the men fashion accessory lists, i.e.


When it comes to creating long lasting impression on women, the first thing men choose is class fragrances for men. Modern men wear perfumes as an indication of their style and passion. Perfumes for men speak about the wearer's attitude and defines a fashion statement for him. The market is flooded with a variety of cologne man perfumes. When it comes to accessorizing wardrobe, designer scents for guys occupy a supreme position.


According to wikipedia, the world's first recorded chemist is considered to be a person named Tapputi, a perfume maker who was mentioned in a cuneiform tablet from the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia.

Recently, archaeologists have uncovered what is believed to be the world's oldest perfumes in Pyrgos, Cyprus. The perfumes date back more than 4,000 years.

Perfumes vs. Cologne

The most practical way to start describing a perfume is according to its concentration level, the family it belongs to, and the notes of the scent, which all affect the overall impression of a perfume from first application to the last lingering hint of scent. Perfume oil is necessarily diluted with a solvent because undiluted oils (natural or synthetic) contain high concentrations of volatile components that will likely result in allergic reactions and possibly injury when applied directly to skin or clothing.

Cologne perfumes have a higher concentration of alcohol. The terms 'perfume' and 'cologne' are often considered to be synonymous. But in reality they are different and the basic differentiation lies in the ratio of alcohol water base. When compared to colognes, perfumes are on a higher side in terms of essential oils. Also their fragrance retains for a long time and is more effective and prominent.

By far the most common solvent for perfume oil dilution is ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and water. Perfume oil can also be diluted by means of neutral-smelling lipids such as jojoba, fractionated coconut or wax.

A diverse variety of elegant fragrance perfumes are stored in shopping malls and is among the top hot shopping list of men of all age groups. The gamut of scents is pretty extensive and encompasses price friendly mass fragrances to luxury prestigious fragrances and hip hop style celebrity fragrances. The specialty of mass fragrances lies in the fact that its like a double bonanza offer with a combo of high quality and reasonable price. The packaging is also good enough to lure people into trying it. Some good examples are Adidas and Revlon.

Prestigious fragrances are more of a status symbol indicative of richness and royalty. They contain special ingredients for which people are ready to pay any amount.

Celebrity fragrances are selling like real hot cakes. These scents are endorsed by people's favorite celebrities like Brittany Spears who make these products popular among people owing to their charismatic qualities. To name few such as Dunhill, Polo, Guess, are few famous brands in the list of celebrity fragrances. So, go make your own fashion style with your unique fragrance.

Lastly, proper preservation of perfumes may keep them away from sources of heat and storing them where they will not be exposed to light. An opened bottle will keep its aroma intact for up to a year, as long as it is full or nearly so, but as the level goes down, the presence of oxygen in the air that is contained in the bottle will alter the perfume's smell character, eventually distorting them.

On The Street.........The Impossible Emmanuelle Alt, Milan

Hard Rain At Marni

Man Daily Skin Care Tips: Shaving

Daily skin care is takes just a few minutes but can vastly improve your overall appearance. So what are men should watch out for their daily skin care, particularly SHAVING?

Skin: If your skin is dry, you will experience a tight, dry feeling after washing or shaving. In this case you should use rich moisturizers. There are many unisex ranges which offer this, as male-specific ranges tend to be quite limited. Men who suffer from greasy skin should use a light moisturizing lotion or lightly scented aftershave balm. If you experience shaving rash or razor burn (unsightly red bumps due to swollen hair follicles which are often itchy and irritated), use pre-shave cleansing and exfoliation to minimize the problem. If your skin still reacts, fragrance and color-free products should be used. Cleansing is the first stage of the daily grooming routine, followed by shaving, finishing with moisturizing. You need to cleanse and moisturize your face in the morning and last thing at night, even if you only shave once a day.

Shaving: There are several choices when it comes to shaving. Some methods have a more profound effect on the skin than others, therefore it is important to find a balance between the comfort and structure of the epidermis, whilst achieving the closest possible shave. There are two main methods of shaving: wet shaving and power shaving.

Wet shaving: Wet razors are either entirely disposable or just have disposable heads (the thicker the hair, the more often the heads need to be replaced). These slice off the hair at skin level, or just below it. It is particularly suitable for men with thick, coarse hair growth and is effective in removing longer hairs. However, razor burn is a common problem for those that wet shave and cuts often occur if full attention is not given when shaving. In order to maximise the performance of a wet shave, it is suggested that the skin is softened and lubricated first. Skin should first be cleansed using a facial wash, then a specialist cream, gel or foam should be applied to provide a smooth pathway for the razor. This prevents dragging and nicking. Exfoliation is also an important routine for men to do two or three times a week because it improves a man’s shave by preventing in growing hairs. Shaving should occur in a downwards motion in order to minimise irritation of the skin.

Power shaving: Power shaving involves using a mains or battery operated shaver to whisk the hairs off at high speed. It is suitable for all skin types and does not require shaving preparations. However, it is not as effective on tough, dense and very dark hair. For electric shaving, the face should be clean and dry with stubble not too long. The skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed beforehand and regularly exfoliated. A closer shave can be achieved by pulling the skin taut to encourage the hairs to stand on end and make them easier to trim. It can be difficult to reach some areas with a power shaver, such as beneath the nose and above the lips. Here, an integral trimmer is ideal.

So whichever method you use, the ideal should be ease of use and save time! You don't want to spend your every whole morning for this! Life will be definitely no fun!

On The Street.........Composition in Red, Milano

Do You Know How Much Collar You Can Handle?

I have written a lot about the "proper" amount of cuff to show with a suit.

If your neck and face can handle it, I also love a dramatic amount of collar over a jacket.

Again it is all in relation to your size but it does really finish off a look.

I wish I had a better shot of this but when i look at this image all I can see is that great collar.

On The Street.........Turtleneck & Cuffs, Milano

I don't know how he executes this so well but he has on a white cotton shirt (visible only at the cuffs) under his black turtleneck.

I also love the extreme bravado of his pocket square/

On The Street.........Karla, Milano

How To: Tie a tie

Have you ever think about whether how to tie your tie?
If this is not your problem, that you can skip this...

If so, here is a must read HOW TO: Tie a Tie. There are many ways to tie your tie, there are simple konts and fancy knots. Find one that you like and learn how to tie it. After you learn it practice, practice, practice, as people always said " Practice make perfect!"

Here is a great site that shows you how to tie your tie in a various amount of ways.

At Burberry

Ciao from Milano!

The tux stripe on his pants were a jewely, sparkly something. Quite cool and reflective in the setting sunlight.

At Rodarte

Terry Richardson - Possibly Starsbucks Most Unlikely Spokesperson Ever

On The Street.........Knee socks, Manhattan

Man Health: How to take care of your hair?

Most men are now happy to acknowledge that they care about their appearance. Here are some sensible tips for good grooming that will improve your image.

Daily Hair Care

Daily hair care using the right methods and products takes just a few minutes but can vastly improve your overall appearance. For the occasional slip-up, there are some tips on dealing with a hangover.

Hair: Men tend to keep their hair shorter than women, with natural hair colour and shape. Overall, this means that they tend not to suffer from split ends and frizz. However, in order to style short hair, stronger styling preparations are required, such as gels and waxes. These can leave heavy deposits on the scalp, which needs to be cleansed thoroughly.

Men also tend to suffer from dandruff, due to frequent washing of their hair. Dandruff is caused by a natural yeast, which can be triggered, causing the scalp to shed dead skin (seen as white flakes). Specialist anti-dandruff shampoos should be used regularly to control this condition. Mild formulas or 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners are recommended for men that frequently wash their hair and do not use heavy styling products.

For those who do use gel or wax, an anti-build up formula is recommended to cleanse any stubborn residue on the scalp. To prevent thinning hair, or improve the appearance of balding hair, thickening shampoos can be used. However, this does not halt the progress of male pattern baldness.

Men Hairstyle 2007

Hey! what new? This is the latest men hairstyles in 2007. You may find the hairstyle that suit you! Let check this out!

Click here to find out about Men Hairstyles for 2008 (http://a-man-fashion.blogspot.com/2007/12/2008-men-hairstyle.html)

On The Street......10th Avenue, NYC

On The Street.......Grey Day For A Suit, NYC

On The Street.......Cynthia, Manhattan

On The Street.......Girl Against The Car, Manhattan

On The Street.......Giovanna in New York

Runway to Reality....Belted Cardigan, Soho

It seems every season I see a Burberry runway look with a cardigan or trench worn open with a belt holding it in place. I always think it looks great but I hardly ever see anyone doing on the street.

This young lady ,however, has done it in a really great, natural way.

I also like how she is transitioning her summer wardrobe into early Fall.

On The Street.......Casual but Not Sloppy New York

I almost want to describe this as a very "well-tailored casual" look but to call it tailored doesn't seem right. It is not tailored but just "well-proportioned" or "well-fitted"
The jacket length is good, the sleeve lengths are good (if not a little fashion-forward) and the jeans are slim but not tight.

So often we call casual is actually just sloppy.

This takes "casual" to higher level.

Man Fashion: Short Hairstyle 2007

What to know what are the latest trends? You can find out here and get some ideas what hairstyle you want to change this fall?

Create your own fashion with colors

As I mentioned in my previous post, the very important thing with respect to clothes is that you should be willing to experiment, and that needs a lot of patience and courage on your part.

So what about color? Just as people are trying out new things, as in mix and match, the same trend has trickled down to colors. People are trying more bold colors and their combinations. The era of being conservative has been left behind and here comes one, wherein everyone wants to make a style statement of his or her own and colors are a great and easy way to do so. A bright color is no longer considered to be eye hitting but one that will stand out as unique and fashionable. So if you ever thought that that the bright red gown of yours was always too catchy to be worn, it is time to get it out and flaunt it. But that certainly does not mean that the sober colors are out of fashion. They are in too. Just that you should know how to handle and carry them.

And if you want to know what the ultimate fashion statement is, then you do not need to spend a dime or even go out shopping for that matter. Just peep into your own wardrobe. Take out that dress or trouser or shirt that you so liked but have now worn to death. And make it into a garment of your choice. Give it your own identity and make your own outfit. Just a stitch here and there or a cut here and there and there you have a new dress like no one in the town!

So go ahead and rack your brains, as you have the power to create your own fashion!

Related topic
Another man fashion tips: Color Matching

At Thakoon

So this is exactly how I saw her as I arrived at the Thakoon show.

Back on her heels like that, perfectly relaxed

As I approach her, she sees me and knows I want to take her picture.

I don't want her to move a muscle so I have to start saying "don't move...don't move...don't move ...that is perfect" which , of course, makes her laugh.

A split second, a timeless image.

On The Street.........Stockholm, Sweden

On The Street.......Carine Roitfeld in New York

On The Street.......22th St., New York

On The Street.......27th St., New York

GQ Oct. Cover

This is one of the most shockingly perfect covers i have ever seen. I hate to gush but wow!
Recently i discussed the VF Best Dressed List, though I wasn't a big fan of the VF list I have to say that the GQ list of 50 "Most Stylish Men" is very good. The choices are well done and the images chosen to illustrate those choices are superb.

ok, enough GQ for the day

How to choose your Smart Casual Attire?

Clothes are always top in everyone's shopping list. But one should know what to shop for and where and when to shop for it. Good fashion demands a very simple thing from you and that is a very careful observation of those around you and a constant look out for what is being sold around, so that you never run out of choice and know what is in vogue.

Another very important thing with respect to clothes is that you should be willing to experiment, and that needs a lot of patience and courage on your part. You should be ready to try out different combinations and fabrics to see if they suit you. If all this sounds a little difficult, let make it simpler for you to choose your clothes.

Denim as usual is not out of fashion. Deep and dark denim colors are popular all rounds.

Casual shirts, no matter how expensive (well made) are not usually striped. There are exceptions, but until you can choose the right sort of stripes, which is tricky, keep stripes for formal shirts only.

Even jackets of all kinds are happening apparel to sport. They help in making your wardrobe more vibrant and versatile. A top or a shirt can look very different when worn with a jacket. The jackets can be patterned, embroidered, of shapes that you like and that fit you well.

Lastly, make sure you keep everything in complementary colors and comfortable.

Other related topics:-

Business Attire vs. Smart Casual

5 Tips on what to wear in office

Jean: Tips to choose matching clothes and accessories

On The Street.......Carolina Herrera, Manhattan

GQ @ 50 Party

GQ had it's 50th anniversary party last night in New York and what a bash!!

Kanye West performed a private show that rocked (would "rocked" be correct for hip-hop singing?)

I didn't bring my regular camera because I just wanted to have fun but once the show started the photographer in me took over and I broke out the cellphone camera.

Anyway, the cover of the Oct GQ that I got is really cool.
It has an old image of Paul Newman which is shocking in it's perfection.
I'm asking if I can scan it and post it today.
I'm telling you, it will be the first thing you see this month when you walk into Barnes & Noble or Kroger's (Indy Supermarket) or any newsstand.

The old covers and review of the last fifty years inside is really incredible - it would have been perfect beach reading or long plane trip to Europe reading!

Black - The Long & Short Of It

On The Street.......The Gent, New York

On The Street.......Great Overall , Midtown

On The Street.......Hot Pink, Bryant Park

On The Street.......Bold!, Avenue of the Americas

On The Street.......Simply Chic, Upper East Side

This look could have veered off into dowdy or made her look older than she is but I think she did a great job finding the right size and accessories to make this so chic and sophisticated.
I length it all rides on the length of the dress and the narrowness of the shoulders that creates the right proportion .

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