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we're forever adding new features on this blog because we want it to reflect our interests as closely as possible and because, while we like going to some of our favorite blogs and knowing what to expect, we'd like our own space on the www to have a variety of fashion and lifestyle-related features - almost like a virtual pick-and-mix sweet shop. yes, we like the idea of that very much. today, we present our first installment in our 'real style' segment, submitted by our dear, dear friend, Tee. she suggested this feature so we asked her to provide the material and voila!:

here's what she had to say:

'Hello ladies! Told you I'd deliver! Ha! Here's a dear friend of mine...bumped into her on campus and just had to take a picture of her in this outfit. I absolutely LOVE it! I'm a sucker for grey and black, but I also love each individual element of this look - the buckle detailing on her gorgeous flat Seychelles boots, her great jacket from Nine West, her H&M thick knit dress, her sunglasses, knit leggins...LOVE it all! Oh, almost forgot - isn't her sling purse the most delightful color and shape? I was pleasantly surprised that it's a Tommy Hilfiger piece! Yup! I especially like how it livens her outfit up in the most subtle, understated way...plus it's a stunning contrast against the grey backdrop of her jacket. Hope you and your readers like her outfit as much as I do!!!! More pictures to come. Too lazy to start my own blog! Lol. Love you guys!! Tee xoxo

P.S. How much do you love that bike?! AHHHHHH! '


we agree, we agree, WE AGREE :) Tee is SO spot-on in her analysis that we have only this left to say - we encourage you to send in submissions of yourselves and your friends and we'll be happy to use as many as we like for future features. have a fabulous week!

On the Street..... Heavy Metal, Paris

The Sartorialist for Paris Vogue

One of the things I like about the blog format is the sense of "real time" that it can convey on developing stories.

To that end, remember back in early January when I did a post about a project I was shooting for Paris Vogue?

I shot the story all though fashion week(month) in NYC, Milan and Paris.

The issue is just now hitting the stands and I couldn't be more happy with the results.

I ended up getting the cover(!) of this model supplement and a very large number of shots inside.

As you can imagine this is a big day for me.

ps thanks to everyone that turned out for the Met panel discussion yesterday!

pss I am in NYC for the next three weeks so get ready for some (hopefully great) New York Area street style shots. I might end up in Princeton and Yale in the next two days (hint)

On the Street..... Blue & Black, Paris

I think introduction of black jeans have pretty much shattered the "rule" that blue and black don't work together.

oh dear: the shoes

subject: solange knowles

(borrowed from: theybf.com)

dear solange,

you were doing pretty well with this outfit...until we saw your shoes. how do we put this lightly? the shoes don't work for this look, solange. another outfit maybe. not this one. there are ways to wear a variety of patterns and still make an outfit work. this one isn't working, solange. it just isn't. here's what we would've done differently:

*sandals instead, maybe?

these could work. they're spunky, very much in season, and the brown and blue complement each other really nicely. get them here.

don't listen to your stylist anymore, S. can we call you that? speaking of calling, call US instead, S.




haha! that was FUN :) incidentally, we spotted a similar skirt at forever21 earlier this week so if you're looking to recreate this look, help is on the way!

keep it simple with black pumps (as seen above) or get some bright, cheery pumps. or dress the skirt down with a plain tee and some thong or gladiator sandals. we could go on :)

tops - asos
skirt - forever21
shoes - bakers

(quick tip - tuck the top in so the ruffles are more pronounced.)

how would you have done it differently?

On the Street..... Kanye West, Paris

The Sartorialist at The Met this Sunday!

I am very excited to participate in a panel discussion about fashion and blogging that will be hosted by Harold Koda and the Costume Institute and The Metropolitan Museum of Art this Sunday.

Cathy Horyn of the New York Times and Diane Pernet will also be part of the panel.

The event is free with admission to the museum. I would love to see some..no...all of you at the event, if possible.

The event will be held at:
The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium at the Museum on Sunday, March 30, 2008 from 3:00-4:45pm.

On the Street..... The Grand Palais, Paris

On the Street.....The Loosely Tailored , Paris

Man Fashion: Men's Casual Sandals

As summer is just at the corner, if you don't have a nice casual sandals by now, you should start to look for one now. As with the trend for women, sandals for men are once again in the spotlight. The biggest trend in sandals for men is the extension of casual styles that cater to the generally active lifestyle of men. Whether it is sports, outdoor activities, or informal gatherings, there are sandals that are appropriate for the occasion. Adidas sandals for golf, for example, are designed to withstand extended walking while providing maximum comfort to the foot.
Cudas Captiva (Men's)

Click photo to find out more

Sperry Top-Sider Santa Cruz Thong (Men's) - Tan

Click photo to find out more

The beach and sandals are traditional companions. The designs of sandals for the beach must feature water-friendly materials that absorb moisture and keep the feet cool and dry. The trend in casual beach sandals is color and style. Beach sandals are designed with vibrant and bold colors, such as Helly Hansen's electric blue sandals. Of course, flip flops continue to be favorites with beach goers. However, the trend has ascended the basic thick rubber-soled sandals of the past. Many sandals for the beach are now made of leather and are perfect for non-water activities at the beach.
Clarks Biofix (Men's) - Brown Oily Nubuck

Click photo to find out more
Style Indulgent

Technology may have increased the amount of convenience at our fingertips, but there's a good chance that your lifestyle hasn't made the adjustment. When you're on the go and need to slip on a pair of shoes, sandals with easy access are a must, but you undoubtedly want to remain stylish. The trend is a style of sandals in which the feet easily slide in the shoe. DKNY sandals called Boardwalks are a great example of this style of shoe. These black slide sandals are functional yet stylish.

Sandals are comfort shoes. The styles of sandals for men have also gone beyond the material used to make the shoe. Another trend in men's sandals is style that seeks pleasure in itself. There are many examples of sandals that prove that comfort and style can work together to produce a great pair of sandals. Dockers sandals feature some of the most recent developments in comfort, but offer the style conscious a shoe that is suitable for work.

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On the Steps.....The Cut, Milan & Paris

On the Steps...Pale Pink Sneakers, Paris

I love the cut of the jacket and where can I get slim khakis like that?

On the Street...That Smile, Paris

At Lanvin. Paris

On the Street....Big Knit, Milano

On the Street....Folkloric Knits, Paris

On the Street....The Student, Milano

fashion-to-go: of ribbon & bows

bill blass: fall 2008

it's not a bowtie, it's not a skinny necktie, it's a refreshing alternative. get some ribbon, tie it around the collar of your shirt in a distinct bow, and you're good to go. you can achieve the same look with a scarf or a tie-neck blouse, like this one from marc jacobs' latest offerings at shopbop.com:

another clever little way to incorporate a bow is to use some ribbon in place of a waist belt like elie saab did as part of his spring '08 collection:

experiment away with different colors, sizes, and lengths, and have fun sprucing up your outfits this spring!

Michael Bastian Spring 2008 Collection

I think if you are Michael Bastian's fan, you should not missed his recent released of Spring 2008 collection. Michael Bastian's 300-piece collection was so densely laden with personal references that you felt a twinge of regret. Bastian claimed that his new gig as menswear designer for Bill Blass has liberated him to get more personal with his own line. So do you agree with his views?
Grey color is one of his main theme, which matched perfectly with red and white.
Just two casual wear of his 300 pieces collection, focus on red, gray and black color
Some of Michael Bastian's Bermuda collection
Two of his smart casual wear, one of striking stripe (black and white) and simple light gray suits.
Two formal business Spring wear from Michael Bastian

Last but not least, if you like to know what are his top 10 essential, that he shared with Men.style.com back in last year then, She Know Best has a very interesting write up.

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On the Street....About Color, About Line, NYC

I love the fact that I have been able to use some of the "real people" I have met while doing this blog for recent advertising jobs I have shot lately.

This is Julie, you might recognize her from the Absolut ad to your left.

Julie doesn't have a huge or expensive wardrobe. Most of her items would be in the price range of the average reader of this blog and I bet a very large percentage of her wardrobe is vintage or second-hand pieces.

What Julie does very well is find the right, dramatic pieces that really pull the whole look together.

The look above is not about any designer items but all about her great use of color(the beret is perfect) and the silhouette that she creates with those wide-legged jeans. Julie is actually very tiny, maybe 5'1" but she creates a very long line with those jeans, doesn't she?

These are the kind of images and inspiration that I am most proud of posting on The Sartorialist

On the Street....The Dramatic Match, NYC

Personally I love everything about this combo of scarf and pinstripe suit but don't let yourself get bogged down in the specifics.

This is one of those great abstract inspiration images - "dramatic scarf for a serious suit"

I think it shows how a simple ,but well chosen, accessory can liven up a typical 9 to 5 suit.

A men's version of "day into evening"

The idea would work just as well with contrasty, bold colors and can be just inspiring to both men and women.

gift ideas: quirky & wonderful

fred flare is such a great little one-stop shop for quirky, unusual items that make such charming gifts. here are some of our favorites:

(click on names to be directed to products)

mixtape USB memory stick

rain parade mini umbrellas

wacky bandages

we've gotta run, but be sure to feed your eyes at fredflare.com and let us know what you like! their home section is our favorite. fredflare = love :)

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