At Hyeres 2008......Greys & Blues, South of France

At Hyeres 2008......Riccardo Tisci, South of France

buzz: american apparel does vintage...

california select vintage by american apparel

according to AA's website:

"California Vintage is a new concept from American Apparel. We've collected some of the great, unique, and inspirational styles and looks from all over the world to create a whole new way to shop for great vintage styles"

more here.

if you can't get to one of their stores, no problem! bid away on ebay here.


Couture Cakes

In Style Wedding

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Flowers Weddings



abiti da sposa




Ipanema cuff by Francesca Romana Diana
woven gem cuff by Francesca Romana Diana

The Ferragamo Hotel - Florence


At Hyeres 2008......Beach Beauty, South of France

The Kindness Of Strangers & The Agnelli Tie

I have always heard that Gianni Agnelli had a quirk for wearing his tie outside of his sweater.

The other day ,while I was walking on the Hyeres boardwalk, I found a gentleman that not only shared this little style quirk but wore it with the same level of sprezzatura as l'Avvocato.

When I asked to him to take his photo he politely declined (i think it was polite but i don't speak French).

Anyway, as I was trying to explain why i wanted to take his photo a young man that knew my blog saw i was having a tricky time so he stepped in and explained (in French) who I was and what I wanted to do.

This apparently did the trick because as you see I ended up getting the shot - thanks to the kindness of strangers or the kindness of my audience!!)

Chic Chic Chic

Yves Saint Laurent's

Petite Chérie

Annick Goutal

total white

Kaufman Franco
Michael Kors

Pensando al mare

Victoria's secret


Ancora frangie per l'estate

low cost thumbnail Fendi calzari Etro Cavalli


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