Sabina Pasha - What dreams are made of......

I love first picture that looks like a Bollywood Film Scene. Love photography, colors, style everything is perfect! What you say!

Pencil Fashion


Meravigliosa, meravigliosa, meravigliosa,
meravigliosa, meravigliosa, meravigliosa......
Lanvin Fall 2009
Location: Halle Freyssinet - 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol, 13e
Desinger: Alber Elbaz

DIY Inspiration - Marni

Boudoir: Creating the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Un bellissimo libro per una camera da letto ..declinata al femminile,
per romantiche creature ..solo.
all images scanned via "Boudoir"

CasaHamza – The NEW Lifestyle!ary !

Creativity, style, luxury, art, passion and superiority were on display at the grand launch of Hamza Tarar’s flagship studio in Pakistan, CasaHamza.

Verve Event management launched the much-awaited luxury living brand Casa Hamza in style at a grand event attended by the fashion designers, models, actors and media personalities of the city.
Guests enjoyed delectable caviar and sushi and were given a tour by hostesses dressed by Ikram Khalid and with hair and make up by Sunuba.

On the Street.... All Stripe, Paris

On the Street.... Navy & White, Florence

I love that sometimes a hat can still be worn without the hipster irony of "oh, look I'm wearing an old-school hat."

On the Street.... Variation on a Theme, Milano

The other day I posted a photo of Renata wearing this same type of sweater-wrap, skirt look. Apparently she made this her look of the Summer, and showed up to many of the shows in some variation of this theme. This is really making a look your own.

Inspiration Night.........dream

black chandeliers


Ci sono dei color palette che una volta ispirato lo sono per sempre , una stanza della mia casa riporta questa palette e, continuano ad ispirarmi assumendo diverse sfumature ed espressioni.

Un meraviglioso ricordo,''la cosa bella''

di questo ..è che,

l'ispirazione e la creatività

non sono stagnanti,

ma sempre in evoluzione e in cambiamento

Helen Keller , donne uniche e leggendarie

"Se ho considerato la mia vita dal punto di vista del pessimismo, vorrei essere annullata. Vorrei cercare invano per la luce che non visita i miei occhi e la musica che non squilla nelle mie orecchie. Ma poiché ritengo un dovere per me stessa e agli altri di essere felice, sfuggo una miseria peggiore di qualsiasi privazione. " ~ Helen Keller.

Helen Keller è stata una vera e propria icona ispiratrice. Dopo aver perso la vista e l'udito in giovanissima età, Helen ha imparato a cimentarsi con la vita nelle piccole e grandi lotte. Il suo spirito indomito vide attraverso il suo handicap. Troverete che le sue parole parlano della saggezza e nella loro forza c'è l'essenza della sua vita.

SUBLIME Goes Green with Sublime-T

Sara Shahid introduced a new limited label ‘Sublime-T’ in collaboration with Meher Tareen (Meher at left and Sara on Right hand) . Sublime-T is a distinctive range of t-shirts for women of all ages and sizes, all of which represent the Sublime patriotic and eco friendly theme of going green while showcasing exciting sayings in these troubled times: “Made in Fabulous Pakistan”, “Diva Pakistani”, “Pakistani Royal-Tee”, “The Sun Always Shines On Me”, “Viva La Pakistan”, My heart belongs to Pakistan” are just some among the dozen strong maxims being introduced by Sublime-T. Staying exact to the ethical and socially responsible facets of her brand, Sara and her collaborator for Sublime-T, Meher, keep this label eco friendly by using 100% organic cotton for all t shirts. This new label also marks Sublime’s support for the umbrella organization Hum Pakistani and its Green Ribbon campaign. Hum Pakistani unites 20 Ngo’s with the common purpose of supporting Pakistan and is also currently dedicated to the repatriation of IDP’S of the country.

The inspiration behind Sublime-T is in keeping with Sara’s Live Life Sublime Collection in that her fashion is a reflection of the fragile state in which Pakistan continues to find itself. Thus a variety of sayings and slogans introduced by Sublime are to build patriotism and the general Pakistani spirit, fashionably. “We want women to be proud and wear our t shirts in and out of Pakistan and also to create awareness of eco friendly products” says Sara and Meher.

In presence at the launch were Sehyr Saigol, Maheen Kardar, Asifa and Nabeel, Salina and Wardah, Asmaa Mumtaz, Khadija Shah,and Farhad Hamayun among other fashion aficionados, high society and media.

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