Love: Deola Sagoe's Polos

If you've ever wanted a piece of Deola Sagoe and haven't quite known where to start, her new range of polos are the perfect entry point. Available in an array of colours (men and women) and with an affordable price tag of just over N15,000 for the ladies and N16,000 for the gents, here's a keeper you're bound to enjoy. We absolutely love the peek-a-boo red/white print and her fantamazing logo. Here's a closer look:

If you're in Lagos later today, head on down to a party Deola Sagoe's throwing in collaboration with the good folks at Canoe Magazine [more info. here]. There, amidst the canapes and fabulous company, you'll "meet" DS's new range of polos, tees and jeans.

The promo video below gives you a glimpse of what to expect:

Exciting times for Deola Sagoe! See our past posts on this brand here.


Video and Logo from Deola Sagoe 2010
Screenshots by Shop Liquorice

White Party Dresses

White Party Dresses
White Party Dresses
White Party Dresses
White Party Dress
White Party Dress

White Dresses Pictures

White Dresses
White Dresses
White Dresses
White Dresses

Latest Designs from Saim Ali

Designer: Syed Saim Ali
Model: Fouzia Aman

Africa-Inspired: Masai-style "Sobat" necklace by Noir Jewelry

The wave of Afromania has inspired many-an-artist this season - from print pillows to the celebration of a prominent African on Broadway. Jewelry has also taken on a very "tribal" or "ethnic" aesthetic, incorporating the beauty of several countries on the world's most fascinating continent. Recently, we spotted colorful seed beads - reminiscent of Masai-style neck wear in all their splendour and majesty - forming the the crux of a stunning necklace by Noir Jewelry. So far, Kelis and Solange have been charmed, and we're not too far behind:

So, so gorgeous! We certainly love to see Africa inspire beyond the shores of Africa and we greatly admire the beauty of this piece. We want!
Get yours here.



Rock chic ♥

I'll get a new room! That means: Choose between things. And let it be so that I'm a little bit a doubter. I knew I want white walls, but the floor.. In my other house I've white walls and a bed/closet from the same light coloured wood. I like it very much, but I want something new. So I decided to take a white floor ánd white walls ánd a white bed ánd a white closet. I think it's very stylish and I hope it will look like a designer room! But the best thing will come: I'll get a big big big closet! I will outline my plans about the closet, which will become with a length of my whole room, and then somebody build it. Amazing, isn't it. I'm so excited! I want special boards for my bags, trays for sunglasses and jewels and a lot of space to place my shoes. I hope it will be the big and beautifull closet I've in mind. And you know.. If there is a lot of space, there has to be a lot of clothes, bags, shoes, etcetera. Another reason to shop till I drop!
I'll show you pictures if the new room has been made.

I love black. And I think an outfit in black and white is très chic. The leather jacket I bought in Spain last year and the heels are my favourites! I think they are both adorable. What do you think?

On the Street....Brooklyn Boho, Brooklyn

look of the day ...... deliziosa passeggiata



Man Fashion: Summer Office Styles

Spring is definitely over and summer is where we are now. You want to stay cool at work, and you’re not just thinking temperature. If you’re not working at Microsoft, Google, or any of the big tech companies, chances are you don’t get the luxuries of wearing whatever you want. So how can you stay cool in the hot sun without being in the hot seat? Below are some pointers to get you started, and examples on how to use these guidelines to work for you.

Think about fabric: Pima cotton is breathable, versatile for all season, and has outstanding quality for clothing. Cotton blends, particularly with stretch wool or rayon/viscose, are great during the summer and keep your clothes fitted to your body. Linen is definitely a must-have in summer attire.

Think of colors: Try mixing bolder shades of spring pastel hues to “spring” into summer. Bold and vibrant colors can look cool and still be comfortable, such as various shades of purple, orange, and blues. Earth and neutral tones – like olives, tans, and browns – are definitely a standard and can look professional with minimal effort. Whites and greys are staples and versatile even when paired with bolder colors to accentuate your personal look. Minimize wearing black as much as possible. If you do wear black, get that in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton chinos, or look for it in subtle patterns.

Think of your workplace: Format your attire based on the dynamic of your workplace. Don’t wear sandals or flip flops if your work does not call for it.

Putting It All Together

No matter what fabrics, color and workplace, the most important of summer office wear is able to give you comfort and express individual personal styles.

Who Wore What: Kelis in Jewel by Lisa?

We love nothing more than a little game of style-spotting. We wonder - is Kelis wearing (custom) Jewel by Lisa yet again? Prints - CHECK. Embellishments - CHECK. Could this be strike 4? Anyone know for sure? The print on the skirt looks somewhat similar to the print on these cocoa bean j by lisa shorts. We'll see if we can get an official answer from JBL's camp & we'll get back to you.

Stay tuned :-)


Launch of Karma Pink and Karma Princess

Maheen Kardar of Karma is in the news these days as she recently launched two new fabulous collections, Karma Pink and Karma Princess (for our little princess). QYT organised the launch of Karma Pink and Karma Princess at DHA Lahore that was attended by well known celebrities and models.

Event Place: DHA Lahore

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