Celebrity Fashion: Brad Pitt Collection

For those who familiar with Brad Pitt, you may skip this introduction! But if you intend to have some insight, then you may continue....Again, his fashion and style is as famous as his lifestyle and here are some of his fashion styles over the years.

William Bradley "Brad" Pitt is an American actor, film producer, and social activist. He became famous during the mid-1990s after starring in several major Hollywood films. Pitt received a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination for his role in the 1995 film Twelve Monkeys.

Pitt is consistently cited by popular media as one of the most attractive men alive and is regarded as a Hollywood A-lister. His former marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston and current relationship with Angelina Jolie have been widely covered in the world media. He is the father of four children with Jolie, one biological, all of whom have also received media coverage. Since his connection with Jolie, he has become increasingly involved in social issues, both domestically and internationally.

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On the Street...English Rose of Brooklyn, London

On the Street....Just Off Savile Row, London

On the Street....Espadrilles, NYC

Espadrilles - I wore them in the 80's but not since.

Does anyone wear them anymore?

Am I missing out on a great Summer footwear option?

I just remember them falling off my foot all the time.

I think they look great in this photo and it makes me reconsider the concept but if I had to choose between my Converse and espadrilles I would still lean toward the Converse.

Help me out and let me hear the pro side to espadrilles.

Surprise!! Rain in London

Hopefully pictures starting tomorrow from not sunny London.

Susannah Hunter - Fiori nelle borse


TearoseVia Italia 5, 20052, Monza, ItalyTel: 039 235 60218
TearoseVia manzoni 27, Angolo via Croce Rossa, Milano, Italy Tel: 039 286 998767

Fashionistas Fiori Fashion


Non sono stati solo fiori e giardini quest'anno al Chelsea Flower Show ma anche, fashionistas del calibro di
Manolo Blahnik

rant: kingston bangle + "african" print dresses

from freepeople

now on sale at free people for $28 a piece. that's right, folks! $28 A PIECE! okay, let's put this rant in perspective for you:

- if you visit an open market in lagos, this item WILL NOT cost you $28 (approx N 3,600) A PIECE. not even for all three.
- fine, so you can't get to an open market in lagos anytime soon but since e-commerce is still a foreign concept to the vast majority of nigerian business owners, free people (& others like them) can continue to charge $28 for this because, hello, who's going to stop them? where's the COMPETITION? why don't the artisans in mali who apparently handcrafted these bracelets have a website where they can sell their own merchandise directly to consumers?
- we understand there are underlying issues that can affect e-commerce but how can we bypass them and move forward? and why are these issues even there in the first place?!?!


BIG SIGH. if we had our way/the resources, we'd GLADLY be the middle man (i.e. the african saks, neiman marcus, etc.). and maybe we'll get there someday. that's how passionate we are about getting african fashion/african designers in the limelight. it's almost too simple for words: get a website or get left behind. get your brand/product in countries other than your own. no use hiding your work under a bushel! you know what? THAT'S IT. we're angry enough to want to do something about this and we just might. SOON.


also somewhat on this topic, tigerbites blogged about designer valentine leung a while ago and much to our chagrin, we found that one of her 'tribal' dresses (see below) retails for $360:

and from our findings, nieves lavi is also inspired by africa:

YAY for inspiration. but why should this dress set us back $363?

neither of the designers has done anything remarkable with the fabric or print so why is it okay to charge such ludicrous prices? this out of africa/tribal trend could've been an open door for african designers to showcase their work/talent. alas, few have made it to the mainstream...and while that isn't the hallmark of fine work, it certainly does help, doesn't it? both dresses are silly gimmicks in our humble opinion...but how smart of their respective designers to cash out while they can. the joys of e-commerce. again.

p.s. we're totally dusting off our sewing machines...

discuss: to pantyhose or not to pantyhose?

a dear friend of teamliquorice brought this picture to our attention earlier today:

exhibit A

source: niyi tabiti

she was in hysterics over the lady's pantyhose (never mind her entire outfit!) because apparently, pantyhose and nigeria simply don't mix! but can they?

exhibit B

source: purefoto

we lumped this look with our least favorites from the made mag event here for a reason. it's too prom, too pink, too...sigh...need we go on? and the pantyhose!!! not. cool.

we totally see why our friend wasn't having it (re: exhibit A) but let's play devil's advocate here for a sec. we're going to take a step back and look at this situation objectively. okay, let's go! pantyhose serves two main purposes:

a. it keeps your legs warm during the winter months


b. conceals spots, blemishes, etc.

granted, it's rather hot in lagos so the idea isn't to wear pantyhose to the beach or outdoor events. indoor events often have air conditioning so you can get away with wearing pantyhose if you'd like some extra coverage. also, since pantyhose comes in a variety of shades and tones, PLEASE wear something that suits your complexion. or appear in public at your own risk.


need help? this might come in handy:


Givenchy Spring 08 Couture


Christian Lacroix Spring 2008 Couture

Chanel Spring 2008 Couture

Chanel Couture

New York Fashion Week 08 : HALSTON

And here U can find almost-real-time dispatches from New York Fashion Week by NYTs fashion editorial on The Moment Blog. A dress from Halston’s fall 2008 collection. (Diane Bondareff/Associated Press)

On the Street....Spring Flannels, NYC

A rare sighting of the "Spring flannel" was reported in West Chelsea recently.

Thought to be almost extinct, Spring flannel pants still make perfect sense in the unsettled weather of April and May.

Alexander McQueen - FW 2008

Le sfilate di McQueen
sono sempre favole.
Per questa stagione si diventa Regine della storia, alternativamente Regine vittoriane, l'Ambasciatrici dell'India, a Maharajah moglie, Regine Elisabettiane.
Da sempre le sue sfilati mi piacciono.

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