Beautiful Jugaan Kazim

The petite Juggan Kazim is media’s hot favourite these days. The girl has injected that much needed jazz to the local channels with her striking good looks and charming demeanour. Be it a talk show, drama serial, music video or a live show she’s bound to be the face of the event.
Juggan started her career as a model, in Canada. She was also featured in Pink Laddos, a highly acclaimed Canadian sitcom. After a brief stint there, the girl decided to come back to her hometown… once back she was inundated with offers for modelling and acting.
One of her latest ventures was a song by Jal in which we see a breathtakingly beautiful Juggan.
Here, she shares with our readers her preferences

What's your style code?
Casual and comfortable.

What do you wear on off-days?
Track pants and t-shirts.

Who's your style inspiration?
Kamiar Rokni and his partner Tia Noon. A dynamic duo!

What's your formal going-out look?
A nice pair of jeans and a funky comfy top with heels.

What's your fave hair style?
Pony tail or just brushed out hair. I'm not big into complicated hair dos. Too much work for a hot country like Pakistan.

Are you high maintenance?
Good Lord NO! I love bags, sunglasses and shoes. But I don't buy beyond what I can afford or use.

What's your one beauty/style essential?
Rose Water. Nothing like a spritz on the face and neck every hour. Go natural guys!
Do you have a signature scent?
I do and I love the smell. It suits my skin. One should always wear what suits them. Its silly to follow trends if they don't work for you.

How do you keep your body buff?
Gym every morning or the treadmill at home when getting to gym isn't possible. I can't starve. It’s stupid to muck up your metabolism.

Any style blunders you want to reveal?
I recently turned up at a much-hyped fashion show in Karachi in a very casual outfit. Black and white day dress with tights. I should have asked Kamiar or Tia Noon to make me something like they always do. The one time I turn up inapropriately dressed the media had a field day with it. Hmph!

What's the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
My new bag and black heels.

Which item from your wardrobe do you love the most?
Honestly my white button down shirts... all of them. Most practical and uncomplicated.

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Rodarte fall 2009 details


Inspire me

abito in chiffon con piume di marabù
Sonia Rykiel

inspire me

Inspire me

Joachim Baldauf fotografo

Man Fashion: What is Cost Per Wear?

As I shared with you before, in this economy turmoil, We’ve all been faced with the dilemma of finding the right clothing to add to our wardrobe as well as justification to spend the amount of cash, more so for these days, fashionable items can cost a pretty penny. So, the great way is to adopt the mathematic calculation that I shared with you previously, cost per wear (CPW). To figure out how to save money with the CPW formula, simply divide the original cost of the item by the estimated number of times you will wear that item. When you look at it this way, you’re looking at a way to save money with the CPW formula.

Let’s take a pair of pricey men’s jeans for example: High-end jeans have become pretty commonplace and are now a necessary item to have in your closet. For the average man, a $150 pair of jeans will probably yield 40 wears over the course of a year. We’d apply the CPW formula by taking the price divided by the number of wears — in this case it’s $150/50. Suddenly, the $200 pair of jeans that you’ve been eyeing becomes a sensible purchase once you apply the CPW formula and realize you’re essentially paying $3 per wear.

Keep in mind, an acceptable cost per wear will vary from person to person. A few factors should go into determining a CPW that is right for you. Start by calculating your annual clothing budget and the number of garments you are likely to buy over the course of a year. Try to cover the following categories:

So keep in mind that this article is not trying to ask you to spend more. Rather, more about spending wisely. Make your dollars make sense and use the CPW formula to save money and set your mind at ease the next time you’re face-to-face with a hefty price point.

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Nordstrom Kids' Clothes

Nordstrom Kids' Clothes


Jemma Sykes knitwear

For more information go here, here and here!

Pellicce colorate.......yes, please

africa-inspired: rachel roy spring '09

[estelle in rachel roy @ the MoMA awards as first seen here]

estelle's tribal chic dress @ the MoMA awards prompted us to take a close look at Rachel Roy's spring '09 collection to see if she had more africa-inspired offerings. sure enough, she does! here they are:

looks like ms. roy drew inspiration from mali's traditional mudcloth and injected it with a dose of modernity. that one-handed dress has our names all over it! africa, grecian-style? we're majorly digging it. with that said, rachel roy's entire collection is worth taking a look at here.


who wore what: genevieve pink ball '09

genevieve magazine's pink ball has come and gone and here are some runway pieces from nigerian designers that made it to the red carpet:

o o o

- first up, we have the always dazzling funmi iyanda in a Deola Sagoe piece, first seen at her Africa Rising show in DC last year. funmi iyanda definitely gets major cool points for stepping out in such an unexpected but ultra fabulous choice:

ms. iyanda also seems to be wearing the highly coveted satin manolo blahnik pumps that she blogged about here:

super fly!!

- next up, we have a piece from Ituen Basi's ankara and beads collection. we're digging this adapted ankara-style flapper dress and the creative use of beads as straps.

- finally, here's another attendee in an adapted deola sagoe piece, as seen on designer deola sagoe herself, courtesy of elan/

loving the mish-mash of iridescent fabric and ankara.


photos courtesy of:

bella naija
ituen basi
wire image

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