fashion-to-go: cut out booties

hello all :) we hope you had wonderful weekends. we've been busy, busy, busy...but we're also very good to go with a truckload worth of fashion posts. if you've been paying attention, you've probably spotted our fall '08 and beyond BFFs - cut out sandals/booties; part boot, part sandal, part oxford, 100% HOT.

the love affair started with this prada pair:

simple, suede, straight to the point. nothing more we want from a chic pair of shoes. but this trend certainly comes in a wide variety of shapes and styles so something's bound to tickle your fancy:

metallic + laces, maybe? [shopbop]

patent? [aldo]

no peeptoe, just cut out on the sides? [shopbop]

we could go on, but you get the idea that this is definitely fall's most versatile shoe, and with the easy transition from summer to fall for some of these pairs, this could very well be the new it all-year shoe.

p.s. here's marian's pair by kurt geiger! so fabulous it hurts, lol. loveeee her outfit and her blog :)

Man Fashion: Pink Color for Men?

Came across a very good article on pink fashion for men. I just can't resist to reproduce this article in this blog to share with the rest of you.

There is something very much alluring about the pinks. This could be because, psychologically pink color is known for having a calmer effect. This could be also because pink compliments almost all skin tones, unless you have more of pink tone in your skin. A man wearing something is pink exudes complete confidence, although still sensitive. It could also be a simple fact that pink is quite easy to coordinate with most of the colors present in your wardrobe. Pinks go well with tans, navys, greys, and some other hues of blue. If you are not yet convinced with how great pink looks, women too love pink and are likely to take a second glace of yours. If you haven’t got ant pinks as yet then you might consider trying one. You can incorporate this, pink, magical color to your wardrobe in various styles.

Pink color is associated with tranquility and romance. There is a recent trend found, men wearing tie and shirts in pink. You must have heard “real men wear pink”. Men wearing pinks scream of being confident and bold. If you are all set to commit to pink dress shirt, pink sweaters, suits, t-shirts and ties would be a way to subtly infuse pink color to the wardrobe. Men wearing pink are making a style statement. Pink is sure to add glam to your appearance.

Pink sweaters
You must have seen many celebrities on screen wearing pink sweaters. A pink crew-neck cashmere sweater teaming with a pair of dark colored trousers would simply look great. Pink sweaters would allow you to look sexy. It proves that something as simple and classic as a pink sweater can easily be the show stopper.

Dress shirts

One of the easiest ways of incorporating pink to you wardrobe is getting pink dress shirts. These could be easily worn under the sweaters, with suits, jeans or trousers. You can find many men wearing pink dress shirts. You are sure to get compliments from your colleagues if you are wearing it at workplace. This pink dress shirt would breathe in a complete new life and would allow you to look unique. It is definitely a winning look.

Pink suits and trousers
Summer and spring seasons are perfect for wearing pink trousers and suits. You might be having quite a hard time visualizing this. However, suit and trousers means the seersuckers or the light cotton ones. Pink suits and trousers make perfect wear while going for a party of a wedding too.

Men’s t-shirts in pink look great. Pink stripes would be a great way to go with. Pink t-shirts look trendy, yet elegant. You can also opt for pink stripes if you are not completely confident of wearing plain pink tee.

Pink accessories
You cannot commit more of a substantial garment in pink, but can start off with small. You could go with some superb pink ties, hats and scarves. They are sure to add charm to your look.
Many men are seeking out to infuse pink to their wardrobe and make a fashion statement.


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On the Street.....Left Bank, Paris

Notice that both of todays female images are wearing jackets with pushed up sleeves.

I did a post recently about men wearing pushed-up sleeves and the reaction was mixed if not a little more negative.

I wonder if there is a perceived difference between women doing it and men pushing the sleeves?

On the Street.....White on White, Paris

The Thin Man

I love the Thin Man movies so during vacation I thought it would be fun to read the book.

After about three pages I realized that The Thin Man is nothing without William Powell.

The words are the same but William Powell made them jump and gave them such life!

This is one of the few times that the movie is so much more entertaining than the book.

Am I wrong?

On the Street.....Jean Shorts, Paris

Beautiful Wedding Cake in America

La pioggia..........

umbrellas from Tray6

the love list: edition I

hello folks! here's our first installment of our love list. no points for guessing what it'll feature, lol:

*maxi skirts: yes, we adore maxi dresses and think they're awesome and yadi yadi yadda, but maxi skirt needs love too. now, they don't have to be frumpy or have any frills or be boho to the point of bewildering...clean, simple shapes work just fine for us and they also transition pretty easily from day to night:

...and to be smack bang in the middle of fall '08 trends, how about layered, statement necklaces to complete the looks above and step them up a notch?

*ebay: we could go on and on about this one. from finding items that are sold out elsewhere, to items that simply don't exist anywhere else, to stumbling on the most gorgeous vintage dresses, purses, and accessories at the most ridiculous, giveaway prices, ebay continues to rock our worlds day after day after day. right now, we're searching for vintage cups and saucers for our apartments, lol:

don't ask, lol.

*louboutins - we're major suckers for sky high pumps with the signature louboutin red soles. they're like a secret weapon of instant fabulousness and we can't wait to start our very own louboutin shrine someday, lol. here are some of our favorite looks from celebrities who wear them well:

sigh. soon come...

*jersey dresses - these are wardrobe staples where we're concerned. fluid, easy pieces that always work in those 'nothing to wear' moments. we're loving this rachel pally dress, now available at shopbop:

...and these pieces by frenzii and jully kang:

available at shop verucasalt and ladyee boutique

...but of course we're ballin' on a forever21 and h&m budget :)

*frozen yogurt: if you've had pinkberry's yogurt (especially with their mango and cookies + cream topping), you've pretty much gone to heaven:

if you haven't, put it on your list of things to do before you die. yes, it's that serious :)

that's all folks! well, at least for now. what are you loving at the moment?


On the Street.....Gatsby Moment, Paris

On the Street.....Left Bank, Paris

New Look- prezzi davvero mini

Grandi modelli a prezzi veramente mini, per chi 'passa' da Parigi
New Look, Forum des Halles, place Carrée, 75001 Paris.

da 40 a 45 euro

Una blouse H&M

piccoli prezzi
Euro 19,90

Chloe - it bag

CHLOéSac Paraty en cuir (existe en gris, vieux rose, chocolat, rouge ou vert) ou en python (existe en noir ou crème).À partir de 1 125 € (2 250 € en python)

Roger Vivier - Cool e Chic loves

Le Figaro.Fr

Sacs & C.

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