On The Street.......The Colorist, Soho

What a great job this young man has done with color

On The Street....The Zegna Exec., Manhattan

The Junya Watanabe Jacket

The Keds
I saw these a lot in London but it is the first time I have seen them in New York.

I Think I Have Found A Trend!

The Philadelphia Story, p2

In every way just as lovely as part 1

On The Street....Bruce Boyer, Writer/ Sartorialist

The Video Is Up On Style.com!

My video is now up on Style.com

The Philadelphia Story, p1

Monday ,on the spur of the moment, I decided to take a train down to Philadelphia.
I thought it would be fun to shake things up a bit and shoot in a different city.

What a bust!
I didn't shoot anything all day.

I know Philly has style - they have several really good stores like Adresse, Joan Shepp and Boyd's so someone there is buying great clothes but I guess they weren't out Monday afternoon.

Funny enough the next day back in New York I see this woman ( who I think looks really great) and she is from Philadelphia!. She came to New York on a shopping trip ( wait, maybe I'm projecting, I'm guessing it was for a shopping trip).
Anyway I will give Philly another chance soon.
I don't pay a lot of attention to "my color palette" stuff but Wow - when someone really understands their coloring and how to use makeup to highlight it, it is so noticeable and inspiring.

Personally my skin tone is a kind of pale blue, any ideas?

On The Street....Fifth Ave., Manhattan

On The Street....Outside Bergdorf Goodman, NYC

Old Man Style....UES, Manhattan

Video Premiere for Style.com Tomorrow!!

I'm so excited for tomorrows premiere of the video I produced for Style.com.

It is called Intersections and will be on the new StyleStudio section of Style.com.

What you will see is basically a video version of The Sartorialist. Above are a few stills that I shot for the video which are intercut between three short interviews of ladies I found that day. We were at the "intersection" of 57th & 5th so ,trust me, the ladies are pretty fab.

I will post the exact link tomorrow.

On The Street....Perfect - part 2, Manhattan

Ok, as you can see the street was pretty busy and I only saw glimpses of this gentleman as he made his way down Madison Ave.
At first I couldn't decide what I thought but ,like a picture coming into focus, the closer he got the more intrigued I became by his look and swagger.

Once I got a full view I could immediately tell everything was too perfect to have been "just thrown together". Just as much as a Savile Row suit this look is all about fit. The cardigan and shirt are the perfect length, the pants are perfectly personalized, the shoes well-aged, and the hat! - don't get me started at how perfect his pose must reflect his personality.
This man has style in his bones.

We really didn't talk much after I took the shot but I could just tell he must be a "somebody", but who?

I imagined he was an artist stopping by his Madison Ave. art dealers gallery to discuss an overdue masterpiece or a modern day Ernest Hemingway. (Wow, I just googled Hemingway and found a fantastic photo of him that I will post tomorrow!)

Later that day I asked someone I thought might know who he was and he said "that's the guy that heads Ralph Lauren's vintage department."

Apparently this gentlemen travels the world buying all the great vintage items (frames,books,fixtures etc) that you find decorating Ralph's stores. (pardon me if I don't have the job description perfectly correct)

To me, that is almost as romantic a job as being a famous artist.

On The Street.... Comme des Garçons, Chelsea

I shot this young lady a few days after the "modern Hemingway" shot above - I thought she would make such a perfect companion to his look and maybe it could illustrate how a young lady might interpret that look.

I love the plaid shirt working back to the zip sweater and the overall slouchiness. I think this might be the first time I have been jealous of a girls outfit (not that there is anything wrong with that)

Absolut Nomination

I am proud to announce that The Sartorialist has been nominated for the Absolut 100 (in the blog section)

Apparently Absolut is creating a top 100 list covering all types of fields like designers, chef, bar or band etc

The other blogs are big-time like The Huffington Post or Engadget or Boing Boing - I am just happy to be included (but I really want to win!!)

if you want to vote for The Sartorialist just click the link below (but do it quick because voting ends soon)

Absolut 100

On The Street.....Mixed Proportion, Manhattan

Best Of Season.....Girl in Milan

On The Street.....Just Off Madison Ave. , Manhattan

Best Of Season.....Emmanuelle Alt of Paris Vogue

Barbour Coats - Just About The Best Value In Menswear

Barbour Coats are just about the best value in menswear.

The quilted jacket above is the Liddesdale model and sells in the US for about $145. I love mine, it is lightweight and keeps me perfectly warm and works well with both business or casual wear.

I also have the Bedale waxed jacket in original green. I bought mine almost 10 years ago and wore it until it was literally in shreds.
I simply took it to the Barbour store in New York and they sent it to be repaired. Unfortunately, now it looks just like new - crap! I should have had them only fix half of the rips. Now it will take me another 5 years to get it back into bad shape!

On The Street.....Madison Ave, Manhattan

On The Street.....66th St., Manhattan

I love how well the subtle textures of her dress, tights and socks all work together.
Her look could almost be called Minimalist but there is actually so much going on here - Jil would be proud.

Vintage Bike Man is Back!!

On The Street.....Uptown, Manhattan

On The Street......Cantarelli Suit, Manhattan

Oh how I love that suit - cotton corduroy if I remember correctly.
Great fit and color combination and notice the ever so slight break in the pants.
He mentioned that he had the jacket taken in at the waist and had the pants narrowed in the leg. This is how a suit should fit and if it needs a bit of work, well, you can see it is worth it.
ps If you think the Bergdorf catalogs have looked great lately (like i do) then this is one of the guys to thank

On The Street......Puffer Vest, Manhattan

Lauren Hutton at Calvin Klein

Easily one of my favorite shots i have ever taken. I ran it originally on Style.com but I wanted to have it here on my blog also.

On The Street......57th St., Manhattan

This gentleman is living that look.

On The Street......Madison Ave., Manhattan

I love the clean, understated grey underneath that puts the focus on the shoes and trench,
What is great is that even though the base items (grey) are neutral they still stand on their own - the pants have a great cut and the turtleneck is so classic.

On The Street......23rd St, Chelsea

On The Weekend......Upper East Side, NYC

In case you were wondering it is a YSL jacket (not that there is anything wrong with that)

On The Street.....Outside Bergdorf, NYC

I love those exaggerated slant of the pockets on the jacket and look at him showing that cuff!

On The Street......The Details, Nolita

Griege, black, brown - it is often difficult to get those colors to work together well but this young lady does a great job
Vintage Ferragamo shoes. She said the main attraction to the shoes was that they were brown/black spectators.
I love the scarf detail - it is two scarves tied together making one large circle scarf
The secret to her scarf detail is that she buys several of the $5 street pashmina scarves. I guess when they are $5 you can affor to buy in bulk.

On The Weekend......Richard Chai Shopping With Friends, Nolita

On The Street......The Student, Chelsea

One Year Ago

I took this photo a year ago (the weekend before Thanksgiving) and it is one of my all time favorites.

On The Street......Milan

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