On their way home + inspiration

You've probably seen and read pictures and stories about the Yves Saint Laurent art ring on fashionblogs a lot lately. Not a very strange thing, because it's freakin' awesome. But there's one negative aspect of it to a lot of people: the price. The ring's very expensive, and most of us are (students) without unlimited money. Kept this in mind, I decided to search for an affordable look-a-like of it. LaDama sells a ring very similar to the YSL art ring. They offer gold-coral and gold-turquoise versions of it (as you can see below), but also gold-black and silver-black. I'm a huge fan of LaDama, so I can't deny you the possibility to know the shop. You may have seen the handchain and the armchain I've got from the shop in previous posts. And, as you might have noticed from my enthusiasm about it in this post, the art ring (and other rings) are already on their way to me. Come to mama, little treasures!

PS after the 'Read More' button, I'll share you some inspirational pictures that caught my eyes a few seconds ago. Hope you'll like them. And I need your opinion about something. Do you think the 'Read More' button is great, or do you think it causes confusion because you might think there's just one picture in every post? I need your help, so please let me know. Other suggestions about my blog are always welcome, of course.

PPS Tonight (or tomorrow early in the morning) I'll post a new outfit! I hope to hear from you then too.

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