Casual shizzle

This is the post I talked about yesterday. I just wanted to wear comfortable wear, because the only duty I had that day, was passing an exam. Even though I'm not the type of girl that always wear jeans, I really like these ripped jeggings. Actually, they are one of my favorites. There's a whole story behind them, after my red nailpolish fell on them and my mother - so so so sweet, I'm grateful for ever - scrubbed them day after day untill they were in perfect condition again. They always provoke a reaction like "Aaah, I'm so glad you cleaned them for me!". I styled them with my self-made sheer shirt and a leather jacket. Because it was a bit cold (even though it was the first day of summer) I wore a top beneath the shirt, so that it didn't seem to be transparent. The jacket was one of my obsessions last year (and the year before), and I decided it was a good moment to reinvent its strength.

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