Simplicity at its best

Sometimes it's nice to dress outrageous, but keeping an outfit simple yet stylish is sometimes even more difficult. I think simplicity is an art. It's just about finding the perfect balance between items. When you're using the right technique, the outfit will be clean and chic and that's the thing I love. I think this collection is a brilliant exemplar of minimalism, almost a prototype of it. The first combination is my favorite. And adore the second one as well. Ok, I have to admit, I like them all. The whole collection is great. The balance between the colors is just right, and it looks like the quality of the items is.. Let's say, it makes me drooling. I myself am looking for a suit with white shorts and a white blazer, but unfortunately I can't order the one I saw right now. It can't arrive before I'm leaving Holland for my vacation. I hope it's still available when I'm back!

Martin Margiela Resort '12 Collection

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