Layering for spring

Whenever I've a little time, I love watching movies. I wore this outfit when I went to the cinema with my mother yesterday. We watched Something Borrowed and I totally loved it. I would definitely recommend that movie. The fourth part of Pirates of the Caribbean is also great when you watch it 3D. I went to that one last Sunday. After a much too busy period with a lot of uni projects/exams, I decided I deserved some entertaining evenings in the cinema.

The outfit is based on layering. I'm a huge fan of layering to stay warm ánd fashionable in winter, but I think layering for spring is great too! In my opinion, it's a challenge to find the balance between dressing appropriate to the (sunny) weather and creating a fabulous look with many layers. I hope you like the result just like I do. The layers consist of a cardigan, a vest, a scarf and my new Outfitters Nation dress. I chose tights in the same color as the dress, because I didn't want to be a "living canvas with a million colors on it". I never wore the hat before, but I'm sure I'll do a lot in the future. I'm definitely digging it.

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