A drizzling outfitpost

Just a quick outfitpost, nothing special. To me, the weather seems totally confused. It's half of June but when you look outside you'd swear it's autumn. Accidentally, when I'm writing this, the sun appears a bit. But it rained the whole day. And what's better than wearing comfortable clothing when it's raining cats and dogs? I'm wearing my lace-up boots (still can't believe how much comfort they have, it's unbelievable) with my leather jacket. I created a "sheer shirt effect" with the upper layer of a top I own for a while now. To add a pop of color to the outfit, I chose my bright pink skirt. I think the asymmetrical umbrella makes the look a bit more edgy.

I'm pretty excited about the outfitpost I'll post tomorrow. I totally love my new shoes!

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