Outfit: "Cosas del amor"

I think trying to experience total harmony after a period that was so busy, is quite more difficult than it looks at first sight. My biorhythm clock wakes me everyday before five or six o'clock in the morning and that makes I'm pretty tired now I'm writing this (at 7.15 AM). Actually I'm not frustrated about it. I see the positive side of it: it creates extra long days to enjoy my long-awaited and well deserved vacation! Saludos a la buena vida!

PS I'm sorry for this announcement beneath every post lately. But it's very important to me. Would you please vote for me HERE by clicking on "STEM"? It's just one second of your time and I'd be sooooo grateful, I really want to win! You're able to vote every day again and on various computers (or smartphones or Ipads of course) if you want!

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