Outfit: "Come with me to the jungle"

Actually, I wore this outfit the evening after my arrival at my holiday destination. I purchased the two bracelets the day before, when we explored the local shops for the first time. The bag can be seen in a lot of outfitposts lately. Even I've got a weakness for bags (that means: addiction to bags), it's the only handbag I took with me. For hand lugage in the plain, I had to make the choice between taking my laptop with me in a large bag and leaving my handbags home or taking my handbags with me and leaving my laptop home. I decided to choose the first option, as I didn't want to keep my blog in silent for two weeks. And wearing this little bag a lot doesn't feel like a punishment, because I love this cute exemplar!

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Bag - ARAFEEL, Sandals - Zalando, Earrings - Chains of Love

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