Glittering obsession

This is by far my favorite outfit of this week. That's mostly because I'm totally obsessed with the sequined top. The quality, the sheer fabric, the color.. I think it's perfect. It's so chic, I never wore something by Vera Mont before but I'm a fan from now on. I love the fact it's transparent, but because of the fabric and the sequins there's nothing you don't want to show/see visible.

Also I love the bracelet. It's the same color as the top, as you can see. I totally adore it. It's made of freshwater pearls and swarovski, and I love the luxury of it.

I got the jeans three and a half years ago, when I turned fifteen. I still like it. The color, the shape of it and of course the silver details on the pockets on the back. I think Pepe Jeans did a great job when they manufactured these ones. You're already familiar with the TOD's bag and the lovely lovely sandals, so those don't need further explanation, I think.

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