Behind the scenes: Laughing

I don't want to withhold you these "Behind the scenes" pictures. We always have so much fun when we're shooting the pictures for the blog. I remember myself the moment when we were shooting pictures of the yellow-green skirts outfit most. The picture is probably not the most flattering, but it was just so much fun when a old grannie told me I had to take my sunglasses off. She stood next to us for minutes and every second she became more and more offended because "a picture with sunglasses isn't a picture..". I'm sorry lady, I just love my oversized sunnies.

PS I'm sorry for this announcement beneath every post lately. But it's very important to me. Would you please vote for me HERE by clicking on "STEM"? It's just one second of your time and I'd be sooooo grateful, I really want to win! You're able to vote every day again and on various computers (or smartphones or Ipads of course) if you want!

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