An outfit with camouflage colors

I made myself a sheer shirt yesterday, and I'm glad with the result. I wanted a sheer shirt for weeks now and I got inspired for the color last weekend. I saw a great khaki sleeveless top in the same store where I bought these amazing brown leather shorts, but unfortunately it was too big. However, I was totally in love the color combination, so I immediately grabbed the fabric and started with my little project. I hope you like the result too, even though the weather didn't allow me to wear it without cardigan. I promise you'll see it more apparent in another outfitpost. The accessoiries I wore today, are my lovely Prada bag (it's from a couple of seasons ago),  two bracelets of olive/brown wood, a little scarf worn as a bracelet and brown earrings. I think those completed my so called "safari-look".

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