Kiehl's Father's Day Shoot

I think stay-at-home dads get a bad rap in the media.

We're often portrayed as forgetful, distracted, emotionally stunted parental blobs who never get it right.

And yet somehow - I loved my time as a stay-at-home dad, it literally changed my life, and I met a lot of other dads during that time that proved to me that the media portrayal is just not justified.

Sara Denny-Roth of Kiehl's and I always agreed that this special dopp kit project was a celebration of dads and their interaction with their children. In my experience, some of the smallest but most special moments that dads have with their kids is while playing at the park; so, we gathered several dads we knew and invited them to a playdate. We used the same park in the West Village that I always take my kids to - and actually, this is the place that I really learned photography whileas I shot my kids just being kids. Our only stipulation was to forget about me shooting and just focus on having fun.

Below are some of the shots from that day. I hope in these images you see the tenderness, warmth and genuine love that I felt between these families that day.
Becoming a father and the daily gift/challenge of that role is nourishment to my life. I want to thank Kiehl's for helping me promote and celebrate that joy with an even larger audience.

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