Bloggers I ♥: Style by Buett

This is Buget, the gorgeous and proud owner of Style by Buett, from the one and only Orange County. I haven't known her blog for a long a time but I immediatelly fell in love with her californian boho chic style. She gravitates a lot around short pieces like tube skirts and denim shorts, which I do too, since I'm not very tall and that helps me create the illusion that I'm not the 'dwarf' that I actually am. Love how she accesorizes her outfits, with all the hats, big bangles and long necklaces, and, last but not least, love the photography and the awesome palm-trees, gardens and beaches that serve as a scenery in most of her shots.

Well, in conclusion, she's a BIG inspiration for me since I identify a lot with her style.
Besides, I have to add how sweet, thankful and down-to-earth she seemed when she replied to my e-mail asking for permission to use her photos on my blog. Made me like her even more!

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